About Us

GE, Ginuwine Brand was established in 2018 in Ottawa, Canada by Ginuwine Eyma. Ginuwine Brand also directly stands for “Greatest Ever”. This brand was created to share an important message with the rest of the world: let's all strive to be the Greatest Ever. Now, this message can be interpreted in many different ways. We want everyone to understand that you have the capacity of striving and becoming the Greatest Ever in whatever domains into which you would put all of your effort, time, and energy into. Anything is possible no matter what your ethnic background, your religion, your age, your sexe, where you live, etc. Essentially “Greatness is all we strive for”. 


Ever since our establishment we’ve created different collections made to empower us all. Our clothes will make you feel good and transfer this important message across the world. Our first collection ever created is “GE Classic”. This collection was made with our original logo and is definitely a crowd favourite. Our second collection “GE Worldwide” will help you proudly showcase your origins. We believe it's always important to go back to our roots and with this collection, you’re definitely sure to! We’ve added a large number of countries to this collection, but if you don’t see yours showcased on our website feel free to send us an email and we will make sure to add it to our collection. Our next collection, “GE Exclusive” was created in hopes to create something exciting for everyone. This collection features the GE Exclusive logo and comes in many different styles and colors. Over the past years, we’ve also partnered with many different companies in hope of transmitting the Greatest Ever message. We’ve collaborated with the Maroons, JZ Media, OBS Academy, Team Elevate, UOttawa Telfer, Rancourt Roofing, and many more. Our brand presents many different pieces such as hoodies, crewnecks, sweatpants, t-shirts, beanies, polos, etc. We know you will find something that catches your eye! We are a growing business from Ottawa and hope you will join our Journey! Don’t forget to check out our social media down below.

Greatness Is All We Strive For